A new product is added to the wide range of Denox industrial crates. This is the new stackable and semi-nestable crate with latticed sides and bottom.

All Denox industrial crates are suitable for food use, so they can be used in HORECA, food industry, distribution,… Now, with the incorporation of a new reference, the offer of solutions for all types of needs is expanded.

The novelty, recently launched, is a stackable and semi-nestable crate, with European Standard dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm. Its design allows the crates to be stacked on top of each other, protecting the load inside. With the crates empty, switching their position, the crates get nested until the middle, saving space and logistics costs.

The new reference 75161 has 21 litres of capacity and has latticed sides and bottom. It is perfect for multiple uses.

Last years, the wide range of Denox professional crates has not stopped growing. To satisfy the needs of its customers, Denox offers a wide range of industrial crates. They are robust, resistant, suitable for food use and they has several new features focused to save space and storage costs.

More info: denox@denox.eu