Oscar bin, one of the brand’s epic products, has been “recycled” in favor of sustainability and the environment

The DENOX brand continues to grow and improve to offer solutions to the needs of its customers.

For this reason, the 23 and 43 liters Oscar bin made from recycled material is launched on the market. The DENOX factory has always worked with solutions that promote the circular economy in its production process. With this new launch, an exclusive line made with recycled materials has been created. Therefore, this product is the perfect solution for the home, but also for the environment..

The Oscar bin has been in the homes of Denox customers for decades. It has the main characteristics to be used at home: a bin with a lid, versatile, resistant and for all uses. It has a vintage design that never goes out of style.

In its new version made with recycled material, black has been chosen as the color, so that it can be used in all types of rooms. It has a contact lid to hide waste and prevent odors, as well as 2 side handles to facilitate its grip. As already explained, it is available in 2 sizes of 23 and 43 liters capacity.

The new DENOX Oscar bins made with recycled material are now available at the best distributors in each area, and in department stores.