DENOX expands its range of HORECA products with brand new self-service trays available in multiple colours and customisable.

DENOX, in its process to increase the HORECA products range, presents the new Fast Food Trays, design and manufacture in the company, and now available for sale.

The new trays are available in two sizes, Small (350 x 270 x 20 mm) and Large (530 x 370 x 25 mm), and in 4 colours to choose from: green, red, brown and blue.

We are talking about useful and light self-service trays. They are very resistant and, what is more important, suitable for food contact purpose. They are very easy to clean thanks to their design and because they are dishwasher proof.

They take up very little space, as they are stackable.

Its anti-slip surface allows to transport food and drinks easily, useful for everybody.

DENOX has thought about the needs of HORECA companies, who are looking for customisable products to boost their brand.

That is why the Fast Food Trays are customisable, in this way, it is possible to add any brand or image of the client by an IML label.

An indelible and lasting solution that will make a difference in the best establishments.

The wide range of Fast Food trays are designed and manufactured in Spain and are 100% recyclable, favoring a circular economy.