Fabricantes de Menaje, S.A. has the mission to be a leader in the design, production and marketing of housewares and professional kitchenware with the aim of satisfying the greatest number of needs of our customers.

For this, all the activities and processes in our company are done thinking in our clients and customers.


Fabricantes de Menaje, S.A. has to offer a better product or solution than anyone that is already on the market. It has to be done with innovative proposals and continuous renewal of products in order to the client needs. That will turn DENOX into a benchmark bran in its sector.

At tha same time, we have to be a socially responsible company: staff, environment, clients, providers, community, market,… We have to achieve our goals maintaining our values.

We have make a commitment with the Environment, improving our production system with the last tecnologies available and applying waste reduction principles. We have make a commiment with sustainability recovering and reusing materials.