The new 10 liter Active organic bin is a clean solution to avoid the bad smell of organic waste.

The Spanish company DENOX, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of recycling solutions, has created a new product for recycling organic waste in kitchens and homes.

This is the new Active Organic 10L bin, a recycling container that fits in any space. It is designed to be used in all types of kitchens as it keeps waste out of sight and takes up minimal space.

Its active carbon filter is very useful, as it prevents bad odors and insectsgenerated by the decomposition of waste.

The filter compartment is in the lid and can be easily moved, so it can be placed inside or outside the bin.

Replacement filters are available.

With the incorporation of this new reference, the family of organic bins grows, in which the Organic bin 10L already existed, available in 3 colours: brown, grey and blue.

All Denox organic containers have a carrying handle and allow thelid to be attached in different ways. They also have a safety lock and easy bag fastening. Its capacity is 10 liters, to fit most compostable bags on the market.

Check out the featuresin the following video:

The new Active Organic bin 10L is manufactured in Spain, at the Denox factory in Zaragoza, and is now available for purchase and distribution.